About Me

About Me

An ambitious problem solver with a passion for software development who is a computer engineer from Tribhuwan University (Nepal).

Navin has much experience of creating logical and innovative solutions to complex problems. He is thorough and precise in everything he does and has a keen interest in technology, process and user experience. As someone who takes responsibility for his own personal development, he is continually evaluating and upgrading his skills so that he stays at the cutting edge of web development.He is a natural problem solver, who has proven himself by successfully completing projects with a wide range of complexity. Although PHP is his forte, he specializes in E-commerce platforms and like to call himself an E-commerce enthusiast.

On his 6 years of work experience he has worked on different PHP frameworks as well as CMS platforms. Currently he is developing shopify apps in Ruby on Rails. His past experience includes Magento store development, custom module development, shopify web store development and shopify app development. He is one of the top shopify developers in Nepal.

He also like to contribute and share his knowledge to other fellow developers by helping them on forums like stackoverflow,shopify developer forum.

Other than coding he likes to blog, travel and listen to music.

In the past he worked for an offshore digital Marketing agency for Australia (Ebpearls) as a team lead for ecommerce team. Currently he is associated with Gyrovi Technology as a Project Manager and solution architect. His role includes project management and client management too.